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The best sleep headphones of 2024: Expert tested
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The best sleep headphones of 2024: Expert tested

My bedroom looks over a busy Brooklyn street, and I can often hear the honks and skirrrrts of passing cars and cyclists while I try to fall and stay asleep. The street outside my window is also well-lit, so I normally wear a face mask to bed. This is all to say that I am in dire need of a sleeping device that not only blocks out sound but also bright light. The LC-Dolida does both pretty well. 

The sleep mask comes with eye cups that truly block out any light in your field of vision, which I love. And the flat headphones hover over your ears. They aren’t notably immersive, but they dampen most sounds if you raise the volume high enough. I like to listen to brown noise playlists with these on to fall asleep, and I can confidently say I’m out in minutes when I have these on. Plus, the battery life is substantial. I can wear these for two nights straight without them dying on me — for around $20 (Amazon says it costs $40, but is normally around the $20 range with wavering discounts), that’s not bad at all. 

I have a small head, move around in my sleep, and can rarely keep a mask on for the entirety of a night, so I wasn’t surprised when I woke up with the headphones off a few times. “If you sleep with a partner who snores, live next to a busy street, or have loud roommates, you will surely benefit from this headphone sleep mask. It’s everything I want out of a sleep device: it’s got a decent battery life, it’s comfortable, and it immerses you in noise that dulls — but doesn’t fully eliminate — distracting sounds around you,” I wrote in my spotlight of the sleep mask. 

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LC-Dolida Sleep Headphones and Mask tech specs: Form factor: Over-ear | Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 | Battery life: 8-10 hours | Fit: Adjustable velcro strap

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