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Get Surfshark VPN for 86% off with this early Black Friday deal
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Get Surfshark VPN for 86% off with this early Black Friday deal


Get Surfshark VPN on sale ahead of Black Friday.


If you don’t already use a virtual private network, you really should — a VPN lets you browse the internet privately, and securely connect on public Wi-Fi networks without fear that someone will be able to steal your personal information. Ahead of Black Friday, you can get a subscription to Surfshark, ZDNET’s tested pick for best value VPN, for up to 86% off, or about $2 a month. (It’s also our top pick for best iPhone VPN, and one of the best travel VPNs.)

Surfshark’s three plans are on sale right now. As is always the case with VPN deals, there are some caveats. To get the lowest price and take advantage of the current deal, you have to sign up for about a 2-year subscription, which you pay for up front. If you’re looking for a basic VPN to use for securing your daily internet browsing, Surfshark Starter is a great option: It’s about $60 for the 24 months, with three more months added on for free (which comes out to $2.21 per month) — 86% off the list price. 

For more added security, you can try Surfshark One, which includes antivirus, private search, and data breach monitoring, for $77 (or $2.73 per month), or Surfshark One+, which includes all of the above and an identity protection service as well, for $119 (or $4.11 per month). When your subscription renews, the price may change (check out each listing on the site for details). 

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