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Top 10 Best IoT Platforms in 2023 Tech Latest

Top Trending IoT Platform in 2023

The technology combined with the best IoT platform is doing wonders. IoT platforms are lately in high demand as it is a major means of transferring and exchanging data. IoT Remote monitoring device keeps data stored with high security. IoT products are based on Hardware, Software, communication technologies, End-user applications, and Central repository. 

Top IOT platforms List in 2023

IOT System architecture is the source of its rapid usage and popularity. It relies on four main elements such as sensors, actuators, Gateways, Edge Computing, and Data center cloud.

  1. Amazon Web Services 
  2. Google Cloud
  3. IBM
  4. Microsoft Azure
  5. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect 
  6. IRI Voracity
  7. Particle 
  8. Salesforce IOT cloud
  9. Thingworx
  10. Oracle

1. Amazon AWS IoT Core

It is an outstanding IoT platform without managing servers and has the highest connectivity. Amazon AWS IoT Core features edge computing, Machine learning, automated configuration and security. 


It is mostly used in asset tracking, industrial IoT, managing finance, connected homes, smart buildings, Alexa voice servers, cloud watches and more.

2. Google Cloud 

Google Cloud is one of the top IOT platforms in 2023. It is an innovative technology with an advanced AI mechanism. Google IOT platform features Al Machine learning and capabilities, Real-Time data analysis, location tracking, and strong data visualization. 


Google Cloud offers multiple resources such as Cloud IOT core, Cloud Pub/Sub, Google BigQuery, AI platform, Google Data Studio, and Google Map Platforms. It is a smoothest cloud. 

3. IBM Watson IoT

IBM is an all-in-one IoT platform based on the IBM cloud. I provide flexible connectivity options with secure communication and smooth data life cycle management. IDM IIT is mostly used in shipping and logistics energy consumption, building management, supply management and more.


A few of the main features of IBM Watson IOT include data ingestion, long-term data archiving, Cloud object storage, Analytics Service, asset control built-in dashboard and more. 

4. Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure is an IoT hub with top-rated IoT products and solutions. It is an open IoT platform with secure and scalable resources. It is used widely, especially in the energy sector, health care, transportation, Automotive Industries, retail and more.


The major features of Microsoft Azure IoT Hub are IoT solutions, continuous cloud-scale analytics, AI solutions, offline operations, data protection and more. 

5. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect 

Cisco is a remote IoT platform with unlimited storage and features. It has a range of operating features connected to mobile phones and applications. Its IoT products are reliable, such as switches, routers, points and more. 


Cisco deals with the latest tech solutions to bring ease in security in all manners. A few of its best solutions are IoT control centers, Extended enterprise solutions, Edge intelligence, security and IoT threat defense. It’s mostly used in Healthcare, smart meters, fleet management, car connection, home accessibility, industrial networking and more. 

6. IRI Voracity

IRI Voracity is an all all rounder data management IoT platform that refers to an Insatiable appetite for data. This platform works on two engines, IRI CoSort and Hadoop. It deals with and regulates data without any hurdles. 


 It features A data governance portal, A quicker ETL and Analytic Alternative, and an administrative Environment. Government holdings, Big data analytics, ETL Modernization and similar firms and institutions prefer to use IRI Voracity for swift data movement. 

7. Particle 

Particle is a top-rated IoT platform in terms of global connectivity and device management. It also supplies hardware such as kits and devices. Its services are mostly used in real-time order fulfillment, environmental monitoring, real-time asset monitoring, live vehicle tracking, and more. 


Particle IoT core features include Firewall protected cloud, technical expertise, data swatch from other IOT platforms, and alliance with third parties through Rest API.

8. Salesforce IOT cloud

Salesforce IoT cloud is the best IoT platform in 2023 for customer relations management, and it keeps transforming regularly with IoT clarification, connecting devices, transferring data, and building stronger communication with your customers. All the system is initiated automatically without a programming skill set.


 Its main features include CRM and full synthesis of customer simple point-and-click UI compatibility with third parties and a proactive approach. Salesforce IoT is mainly used in Machinery, Chemicals, Government administration, financial services and marketing. 

9. Thingworx

Thingworx is an IoT monitoring platform for industrial site and asset management. It occupies the ground of manufacturing and engineering. Thingworx maintains efficient records of assets. Its usage section includes remote asset monitoring, remote maintenance, optimized equipment and asset management.  


The features include insights and updates of complicated industrial operations, control networks and processes, ready-to-use applications and efficient IoT solutions, existing modification, and data access to different resources and industries. 

10. Oracle

Oracle is an IoT platform for connecting multiple devices to the cloud; it was originally managed as a platform as a service. Its core usage is connected logistics, Predictive maintenance, smart manufacturing and workspace safety. 


The features of IoT are the creation of applications and connecting them to JavaScript, Java, Android and other programming languages, Oracle Cloud service, digital identity, real-time analysis and more.  

Best IoT Platforms help you to innovate your business and website easily. The advanced IoT solutions aren’t only reliable but successive. TechLatest sorted out the top 10 IoT management platforms to work on without trouble.

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