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Bridging Gaps Through Blockchain and Powering the Next Generation of Farmers with The SEED Project Partnership – TechToday
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Bridging Gaps Through Blockchain and Powering the Next Generation of Farmers with The SEED Project Partnership – TechToday

UfarmX, an African AgTech enterprise that leverages blockchain technology to empower rural, unbanked and underserved smallholder farmers, has announced its expansion from Nigeria into the promising landscapes of Senegal through a strategic partnership with The SEED Project. The collaboration aims to reshape perceptions about agriculture, positioning it as an appealing, contemporary, and profitable career option for the younger generation.

“This is more than a mere geographical expansion. We are spreading a technological revolution, with climate-smart practices to offset carbon emissions, that connects smallholder farmers in Africa with the global market, and ensures their hard work is justly rewarded,” says Alexander Zanders, CEO of UfarmX. “With the commitment to harnessing the transformative power of technology, UfarmX’s software application is a testament to Africa’s boundless potential in the global tech sphere.”

Through the establishment of smart farms and cutting-edge training programs, The SEED Project’s 2,000 students will gain hands-on experience, education, and a direct employment pathway via UfarmX’s platform. This alliance is a beacon of hope for thousands, as it not only provides immediate employment solutions but also promises long-term, sustainable change. By integrating technology, agriculture, and education UfarmX and The SEED Project stand on the cusp of an African agricultural renaissance.

“We need to mold young people into global leaders and diplomats who represent and embody the best that our continent has to offer. It is they who must change the way that the continent is perceived, it is they who must carry and share the positive stories. If we do not give them the tools, empower and educate them for that cause then there will be no development in Africa,” explains Amadou Gallo Fall, SEED Founder.

At the heart of UfarmX’s innovative solutions is a dual-fold mission:

1) Banking the Unbanked: Through blockchain technology, the company makes rural smallholder farmers ‘bankable’ by autonomously formalizing their informal business practices, opening doors to financial inclusivity, ensuring that their efforts don’t go unnoticed and that they have access to the financial instruments they deserve.
2) First Mile Traceability: The platform provides traceability solutions from the very first mile. This traceability not only ensures quality but also forges a seamless and trustworthy linkage of African produce to global markets.

“SEED has elevated African basketball, developing NBA players and emerging talents across the continent. Partnering with UFarmX creates an opportunity for dynamic synergy, uniting sports, education, blockchain, and economic development in a promising convergence,” says Gallo Fall.

About UfarmX
UfarmX is a leading player in the African agri-tech sector, dedicated to transforming the agricultural value chain through technological interventions, creating equitable solutions for smallholder farmers, and linking African agriculture to the global marketplace. Our dedication extends to fostering financial inclusion and women’s empowerment, all driven by the convergence of innovation and empowerment for the collective betterment.

About The SEED Project
SEED Project is at the core of a participatory, intercultural program of personal development and capacity building throughout sports. SEED has included the transformative lever of sports, education, and culture in its agenda and horizon. This redemptive program promises to be more empowering and impactful with a more holistic approach to training that makes every athlete a potential champion, a real entrepreneur, and a responsible citizen.

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