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The latest Amazon Echo Show 8 returns to an all-time low of $90
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The latest Amazon Echo Show 8 returns to an all-time low of $90

If you’re already onboard with Alexa and have decided you want a smart display, a new deal on Amazon’s latest Echo Show 8 may be of interest. The 8-inch display is currently down to $90 at Amazon, Target, Best Buy and other retailers, which matches the lowest price we’ve seen since the device was unveiled last September. Amazon normally sells the smart display for $150, though we saw it drop to $105 for much of the holiday season. Amazon’s offer also includes a Sengled color smart bulb for no extra cost. That bulb is compatible with the Matter smart home standard, and we recommend a similar model in our guide to the best smart lights.


This matches the best price we’ve tracked for the latest iteration of Amazon’s 8-inch smart display and includes a smart bulb for no extra cost.

$90 at Amazon

We haven’t formally reviewed the latest Echo Show 8, but it’s largely similar to the second-gen model from 2021, which we previously called the best smart display for Alexa users. It still offers a 1,280 x 800 resolution panel and a 13-megapixel front-facing camera. The design is mostly the same, though the new model’s rounded back is a little less pronounced, and the glass on its front stretches edge-to-edge. Its front camera is also located in the center of the top edge, not off to the right, so it’s a bit more convenient for framing yourself during video calls. Internally, there’s an upgraded octa-core processor that should make it faster to complete Alexa requests, and the new model can work with other smart home devices using the Zigbee and Thread protocols in addition to Matter. Amazon promises improved sound quality, too, though you still shouldn’t expect deep sub-bass or ultra-spaciousness with a smallish speaker like this.

All of this should keep the Echo Show 8 as the sweet spot in Amazon’s smart display lineup. It’s not as affordable as the Echo Show 5, but it’s faster and louder, with a superior camera and more spacious display for showing photos and making video calls. It’s not as big as the Echo Show 10, but it’s significantly less expensive and easier to fit in more rooms around the house. Either way, you can use it to check the weather, pull up recipes or stream music, among other typical Alexa tasks. And while no smart display like this will truly be comfortable for those protective of their privacy, the Echo Show 8 at least has a camera cover and mic mute button built in. Google’s Nest Hub remains a better buy for those who heavily use services like Gmail, Google Calendar and YouTube — and there are still questions regarding Alexa’s long-term outlook — but this should be a solid deal if you’re looking to build a smart home through Amazon’s assistant.

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