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The best TV screen cleaners of 2024
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The best TV screen cleaners of 2024

WHOOSH! takes the top spot on the list of best cleaners for several reasons. It’s fantastic for phones (the company claims Apple uses this cleaner in its stores), it’s alcohol- and ammonia-free (meaning it’s great for those sensitive to strong smells), and it’s extremely effective in small amounts, so your purchase should last a while.

It comes in a 16.9-ounce bottle and includes two cleaning cloths. 

If you’re eco-conscious, the newest version of WHOOSH! uses refillable cartridges, saving up to 75% plastic waste, the company says. There’s also a travel sized bottle available if you need on-the-go cleaning, plus wipes if you’d rather not use spray.

With two kids in my house, I’m forever finding handprints and other smudges and smears on my electronics. WHOOSH! is the most effective screen cleaner I’ve used, and I’ve been on the same bottle for over a year.

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