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First alleged images of the Pixel Fold 2 leak - major changes are on the way
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First alleged images of the Pixel Fold 2 leak – major changes are on the way

Google Pixel Fold on a table.

June Wan/ZDNET

It’s never too early for a good device leak, right? 

The release of the Pixel Fold from Google last year was important for two reasons: It showed that foldable phones are here to stay, and it showed that Google wasn’t content with letting its competition run away with the title of the best foldable phone.

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While nothing has been announced by Google, it seemed all but certain that the company would make a follow-up device to keep the momentum going. Those suspicions have been confirmed, as the first image of what appears to be the Pixel Fold 2 has been leaked. 

AndroidAuthority got an exclusive look at the potential device, and the photo shows drastic changes. First up, the cover screen seems more narrow overall, with the inside screen ratio being more square. Inner and outer screens have a more rounded look compared to the first-generation Fold, and the selfie camera cutout on the inner display is placed in the top right corner instead of the top bezel.

The most striking change, though, is the camera. Instead of the bar setup that’s become a staple of Pixel design, the alleged Fold 2 has a square camera bump that contains four camera sensors, an LED flash, and a microphone.

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It’s worth noting that while the Pixel Fold and Pixel 8 have similar designs on the back, this device does not match what claims to be a leak of the Pixel 9, which keeps the standard camera bar. If the leaks hold true, Google is apparently going with a vastly different camera setup for the two devices.

According to Android Authority, the same source that leaked the image also leaked the information that the Fold 2 will run Google’s new Tensor G4, which would be a pretty big upgrade from the previous generation. 

Details are pretty scarce still, but it’s likely the Pixel Fold 2 would launch alongside the Pixel 9 series, slated for this fall. However, if the launch was intended to compete with Samsung foldables, it’s likely to come closer to summer. 

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