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Boost your visuals with photo editing tools and training for $200
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Boost your visuals with photo editing tools and training for $200


Transform your photos with $200 of editing tools and training. 


If you’re frustrated because your photos never turn out quite as wonderful as you expect them to, you might be amazed to find just how much of a difference the right editing tools can make. And now you can get permanent access to robust photo-editing tools with this Luminar Neo lifetime bundle. Best of all, a full version of Luminar Neo is available at a 73% off discount for the price of $200. 

Luminar Neo is a very user-friendly photo editing program that combines powerful, innovative tools driven by artificial intelligence with a simple, intuitive interface. It’s compatible with both Windows and macOS, or you can use it as a plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop. The program includes multiform presets that allow you to quickly and consistently achieve professional-looking results with your photos.

There are features such as Relight, which helps you control all of the light in a photo, tools to replace the sky or retouch skin. There is also Erase to remove unwanted objects, Composition adjusts the photo’s composition, perspective, and crop automatically and so much more. 

This bundle also includes five add-ons that work with Lightroom, Luminar AI and Luminar 4, as well as Luminar Neo. They each have 1-click presets that will quickly and easily make your RAW photos amazing. There are 10 Light Reflections and Wintertime overlays, plus a Color Harmony Add-On with 10 LUTs. The Tranquil Dawn Skies and Tender Blushing Skies add-ons each have 25 JPEG and TIFF Skies.

In addition to Luminar Neo and its add-on tools, you also get a comprehensive editing course in this bundle. The Creative Photo Editing Techniques course for Luminar Neo is presented by Albert Dros, a Dutch photographer, and editor specializing in landscapes who never settles for a simple shot, always finding unique elements and aspects. Ten tutorial videos teach you how to use a number of Luminar Neo’s tools to help you achieve perfectly edited landscapes.

Get this Luminar Neo lifetime bundle at 73% off the usual $752 retail price or grab Luminar Neo Lite with many basic features plus the same six add-ons for just $50 through Nov. 9. 

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