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Best USB-C chargers and accessories for iPhone 15 Pro: Expert tested
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Best USB-C chargers and accessories for iPhone 15 Pro: Expert tested

Nomad MagSafe Stand features: Comes in black or white | 7.5W charging for iPhone | Integrated 2m USB-C cable 

If you typically charge overnight, there’s now a better way than using a cable. With Apple’s MagSafe connector, you can charge more conveniently, protect your long-term battery health, and turn your phone into a digital nightstand with StandBy mode. There are a lot of MagSafe stands out there but the one I’d recommend is the Nomad MagSafe Stand. It has a nice weight to it, it’s sturdy and well-made, and has an appealing design with its glass, metal, and gently round edges — which is important if it’s going to have a permanent spot on your nightstand or desk. One thing to watch is that there is the Nomad MagSafe Stand and the Nomad MagSafe Stand One. 

Also: Here’s how to use StandBy mode on iOS 17 (and which iPhones support it) 

I’d recommend the standard Nomad MagSafe Stand because it’s less expensive ($80 vs. $110), charges at 7.5W rather than 15W (you don’t need fast-charging overnight and slower charging is better for your battery health), and it looks nicer in all black or all-white rather than having a black slab with a big white MagSafe disc, for example, with the more expensive Stand One. Another thing I love about this stand is the height. When using it on a desk, you dock your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, rest your arm on your desk, and easily operate the device in standard vertical mode.

An impressive alternative is the Peak Design Wireless Charging Stand (see more below). 

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