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An In-Depth Look at ASocks’ Proxy Solutions [2023] – TechToday
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An In-Depth Look at ASocks’ Proxy Solutions [2023] – TechToday

ASocks is one of the prominent names in the proxy service landscape, offering reasonably priced residential and mobile proxies for a variety of use cases. Essential attributes like speed, security, and an expansive IP pool  underscore the benchmarks for a top-tier proxy provider. It’s crucial to understand the distinct offerings of each proxy provider  to choose a solution that aligns best with your needs. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ASocks’ proxy services, exploring its standout features and understanding its pricing models. We aim to equip you with a broader perspective by also introducing the top rated ASocks proxies alternatives in the wider proxy marketplace. 

ASocks market position and competitor analysis 

The list is sorted in an ascending order based on the lowest price level, with the exception of the products of the article’s sponsors which are linked to sponsor websites.

Vendors Residential pool Mobile pool Residential starting from /GB Mobile starting from/GB Trial PAYG
ASocks 90K 20K $3 $3
Smartproxy 55M 10M $7 $19 14-day money back
Bright Data 72M 7M $6.30 $14.40
SOAX 5M 3M $6.60 $6.60 $1.99 trial
IPRoyal 2M 1.5M $7 N/A For company registrations
Oxylabs 100M 20M $9 $20
NetNut 52M 250K $15 $20

Starting price is based on the smallest package offered by each proxy vendor on a monthly basis. All pricing information has been sourced directly from the public claims made by the vendors. 

Vendor selection guide

The vendors  are ranked based on their average user ratings scores to gauge customer satisfaction with the products.

Vendors Number of reviews User ratings out of 5 (Avg)
ASocks 32 5
SOAX 52 4.9
Bright Data 222 4.7
NetNut 6 4.7
Oxylabs 58 4.6
Smartproxy 39 4.4
IPRoyal 24 4.3

The table above shows the total number of B2B reviews of all proxy service providers gathered from major review sites (such as G2, Trustradius and Capterra as of 11/01/2023) alongside the average customer ratings. While deciding ASocks alternatives, we have taken into account: 

  • Number of B2B reviews: 5+ reviews on B2B platforms
  • Average score:  Exceeding 4.0 out of a possible 5
  • Number of reviews on LinkedIn: 20+ employees listed on LinkedIn.

ASocks proxies overview

ASocks is a proxy server provider that offers 7 million IPs including residential and mobile proxies for individuals (secure browsing or social media automation), and businesses (competitor analysis or ad verification). The proxy provider allows users to stick one IP address or change it with each connectiıon request across all proxy types. 

Many proxy providers have a pool of IP addresses that they provide to their customers based on the proxy plan they choose. Regardless of the plan’s price, ASocks offers their users to access the entire pool of IP addresses. Users are charged based on the number of unique IPs they utilize, enabling users to adapt their proxy usage according to their need. 

Features and capabilities of ASocks proxies:

  • You can choose proxies (IP addresses) specifically from a particular city or belong to a particular ASN without additional cost. 
  • ASocks offers IP authorization with a limit of 5 IP addresses. Only those IPs that are whitelisted can access and use the proxy pool. 
  • ASocks allows users to automate IP rotation every time they switch ports.
  • For proxy anonymity and complete online privacy, ASocks offers to combine the proxy service (mask your IP address) with an anti-detection software (use technologies to hide your browser activity). 
  • Proxies support HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols.


Smartproxy offers a two-in-one service, for users looking for both proxy and anti-detection capabilities. Combining proxies with anti-detection software can simplify the user experience and lead to cost savings. Smartproxy’s X enables users to manage multiple browser profiles by ensuring each profile has a unique fingerprint, preventing websites from tracking these profiles. 

Pros and cons of ASocks proxy services


  • Speed: One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of ASocks is the speed of its proxies. 
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Source: G2

  • Customer support: One of the highlighted advantages of ASocks is the ease of use of their proxy services and their responsive customer support. 
  • Ease of use: Many customers highlighted the intuitive and user-friendly nature of the vendor’s dashboard when setting up and managing their proxies.


  • A small IP pool: The proxy provider has a small IP pool for proxy services compared to other proxy vendors such as Smartproxy, Bright Data, Oxylabs and NetNut. This can be limiting for large-scale projects that require more simultaneous connections or effective IP rotation options such as large-scale data scraping.  
  • Payment options: ASocks accepts payments in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, TRC20). Many users on G2 express their concerns about Cryptocurrency Payments and demand diversity payment options such as online payment systems (e.g., PayPal). 
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Source: G2

ASocks proxy network pricing

The pricing structure of the ASocks proxy network includes:

  • Monthly and pay as you go (PAYG) subscription models. Depending your budget flexibility and usage patterns, you can make a decision. You might also consider starting with pay as you go plan to understand your proxy usage then switch to a subscription plan.
  • Refunds for proxy services, but the refund process might take up to 14 days. Any payment made for the trial period will not be returned to you if you decide to cancel. 
  • 7-days free trial

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