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Add ChatGPT to your WordPress website for $60 with this deal
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Add ChatGPT to your WordPress website for $60 with this deal


This $60 WordPress plugin adds ChatGPT to your website.


With artificial intelligence taking the world by storm and ChatGPT paving its path, it’s time to take full advantage of AI capabilities wherever possible. One option is integrating ChatGPT into your WordPress website.

This deal gives you a ChatGPT WordPress plugin with lifetime access for just $60. 

Install the ChatGPT plugin to your WordPress website and explore its capabilities on both admin and visitor ends. Whether you run a blog, e-commerce business, or portfolio showcase, ChatGPT could improve user experience, search functionality, and engagement.

On the backend, you could generate content like product listings, blog posts, or SEO descriptions, interpret website analytics, generate reports, and manage user-generated content like comments or reviews.

When used on the front end of your site, you could provide a live customer service chatbot with natural language responses, interactive FAQs to help visitors find information, and product recommendations based on customer preferences. You also have the option to make any features exclusively available to logged-in users.

The WordPress plugin connects to your OpenAI account. That means having this plugin doesn’t get you the paid version of ChatGPT, but you can certainly use it with the free version.

Don’t miss this low price for the ChatGPT WordPress plugin. 

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